Scholarship Spotlight: Marlyn Sanchez

Marlyn Sanchez.

We continue to check in with the second graduating class of the Exceptional Youth Scholars and are so proud of their college accomplishments. Please join us in congratulating them on their remarkable achievements!


MARLYN:I graduated from卡拉马祖学院凭借专业的商业和集中在电影和媒体研究中。

GSD:Did you receive any kind of honors or recognition during your time at college? If so, what kind?

MARLYN:我的二年级学年我收到了CHAMP award in a collective recognition for community and civic engagement.I also graduated as a senior with Cum Laude honors.



GSD:What did receiving the EYS award mean to you and what impact did it have on your college experience?


GSD:Have you continued to be involved in community service? If so, what kinds of community service activities have you been a part of?


GSD:根据Covid 19流行期间的毕业大学,你的最终期限和毕业如何受到影响?让你未来的职业计划受到影响吗?


Marlyn, thank you so much for sharing your college experience with us. It’s commendable that you continued volunteering within the community while at school, and we’re delighted your efforts were recognized with the CHAMP award. Though sadly the pandemic impacted your plans, we’re happy to hear you were able to graduate early and with honors! All of us at The Foundation for Global Sports Development are excited to have played a small part in your journey and wish you the best as you embark on your career. Please keep us posted on your progress.